Governance in the age of disruption: Reflections on InfoGov17

As a first time InfoGov Conference attendee, I had the privilege of attending and presenting at InfoGov2017 in the beautiful city of Providence.  As with the end of anything, I take moment to reflect and consider what I learned through the


experience.  I want to share three things that resonated with me as I work in this space.



Information Governance as a practice is still maturing.  The best practices are still being developed. The body of knowledge is under construction.  This makes information governance an exciting space within which to work.  It can also be immensely frustrating for those who want a well-defined structure in place.  Working in this space requires a certain comfort level with the unknown.

Ready your enterprise for change.  Information Governance is vital to organizations that want to maximize the value of their information assets while working in concert across divisions and departments of the organization to achieve that goal.  Connectivity has necessitated this reality, and as an IG Professional, you have to be ready to make your enterprise comfortable with change.  Part of readying the enterprise is knowing your why.  Why are we even bothering to undertake this effort?  Communication is the most vital tool for preparing for change.

It’s a marathon, not a sprint.   Changing behavior doesn’t happen overnight.  Effectively implementing oversight over all information and data impacting behaviors enterprise-wide is no small task.  A broad vision and well-crafted plan are vital to moving forward in an impactful manner.

Many thanks to the Information Coalition team for organizing a substantive conference.